“Enriching Lives Through Technology”


Computers For Children Strategic Moves Lead The Way

“Enriching Lives Through Technology”

Buffalo, NY-- Continuing the momentum of a highly successful year in 2014, on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Computers For Children, (CFC) unveiled its strategic plan for years 2015 – 2018 that will enable the organization to expand on its recent successes, and capitalize on new opportunities.  Founded in 1997, during the formative years of CFC its mission centered on providing free computers technology solutions to schools and low cost solutions to nonprofit agencies that did not have the means to gain computer equipment for their learning labs and administration. CFC has provided over 30,000 + computers into the community, with a major focus on training youth, hardware construction, and digital literacy training.  CFC continued to add to STEM [science, technology, engineering, math] programs-reaching younger students sparking interest in STEM sciences for education and careers. Over the years as schools built their technology and infrastructure, the need became evident through community surveys and focus groups that a gap still exists between school and the home setting of high need populations.  Recognizing the importance of a home computer for access of homework, school website, parent portal, job search, and important resources for health, transportation, etc.,  CFC further expanded its programs to include training for students and parents together. Additionally, CFC’s executive director, Christine Carr, serves as part of the Governor’s NY State Broadband Task Force to help address a major problem of digital literacy, adoption and access amongst high need populations.

 “Our strategic plan was created by a group of volunteers, staff, board members and interested members of our community. Each of us were part of the effort because we care, and as the plan to strengthen the organization and grow to the next level came together, our mission and vision became even clearer”, said CFC Board President, Ann Seyboldt.

One critical element of the new plan is the modification of the agency’s mission that takes into consideration the expanded scope of operations and programs over the last ten years, particularly our growth into advocacy for broadband access and engagement of parents in technology with their children.  The mission statement was reconstructed to speak to the broader scope of what CFC does and the diverse population that we now serve. – “Computers For Children enhances educational opportunities and enriches lives through technology”.

Vision: Computers For Children is the community’s leading technology resource for high need populations and those [organizations/schools/people] that serve them.

The strategic plan also reflects CFC’s financial stability, and their success in achieving deficit free status, a major accomplishment for any nonprofit organization, regardless of budget size.  Another major component of maintaining economic stability and growth is CFC’s initiative to expand its base of retail partnerships that currently includes Goodwill Industries and The Buffalo City Mission that both serve as retail outlets for computers that have been refurbished and updated by Computers For Children and then sold at dramatic discounts for persons who can’t afford big box store prices or brand new equipment.

The three-year plan highlights five goals that will strengthen the organization and move it to a higher level of operations:

1.)Organizational Sustainability - Increase the overall health and well-being of the organization by making a plan for its future that maximizes key strengths and manages risk during times of growth and transition.

2.)Staff and Volunteer Development – Clarify and address Board, staff, and volunteer training needs to improve overall service delivery and organizational effectiveness.

3.)Products and Services – Ensure the availability and affordability of high quality products and well-executed services that address community need.

4.)Community Awareness – Increase awareness of Computers For Children products and services among various audiences.

5.)Advocacy - Promote access to essential technology resources among high-need populations and communities.

The unveiling presentation was led by Board President, Ann Seyboldt, Board President who delivered an open invitation to those attending the program to consider joining Computers For Children by applying to join the Board of Directors or participating in one the organizations community committees. For information about Computers For Children or becoming part of the organization, you can visit their website at

Contact: Christine Carr, Executive Director, Computers For Children 716.510-1088 /