Leadership Council

Leadership Council

The CFC Leadership Council (LC) is a group of individuals who share their energy, creativity, time, and talent to supporting program initiatives underway at Computers For Children. The LC helps the organization achieve success by engaging fellow professionals, and encouraging them to become supporters of Computers For Children.  The Leadership Council often serves as a ground floor opportunity and gateway for consideration for individuals who may be interested in participating on the Computers For Children governing Board of Directors

Membership on the LC offers volunteers a range of committee choices to work with CFC!


This committee works to increase visibility and public awareness of CFC programs and services. Opportunities include helping with the newsletter, using social media to increase awareness about CFC activities and events, helping to create ideas for stories of interest for the media, spreading the word among professional groups and colleagues, public speaking about CFC at civic and community events.

Special Events

Help plan exciting fundraising and friend raising activities! Work on every aspect of the event from planning and logistics to decorating and food set-up, all the things that make an event “special.” Help create and Chair a new event for CFC!

Partnerships and Collaborations

The success of CFC is driven by the quality of its partnerships and collaborations. This committee affords volunteers the opportunity to work directly with the CFC executive director to help strengthen, expand, or identify new partners and collaborators.

Technology and Innovation

It is vital for CFC to be aware of the latest happenings in the ever changing world of technology as it relates to advancements in education and other learning systems, such the newest options in cyber safety, online learning/teaching programs, and fun activities that could be built into the curriculums for KidCo and TECHMasters.

These committee members are the trailblazers who will help generate new ideas for our students to benefit even more from our programs, conduct research that will substantiate our position on the need to implement more technology training for young people in the community, and help CFC staff stay on top of industry news that will have a positive impact on CFC’s retail operations.

Members of this committee can even help work on the refurbishment and repurposing of equipment if you have the skills and desire hands-on involvement!

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